My Response to Popular Wellness Myths

We are constantly bombarded by an overwhelming amount of false information. As a 30-year veteran of the fitness industry, I have seen some pretty silly stuff sold with over-the-top marketing. From spot reducing to fad-diets, it is hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. Finally, we have an article written by Amanda Vogel, MA and published by IDEA that can help fitness professionals and consumers decipher fact from fiction.

Unfortunately, there are many false promises in the media that trick the unsuspecting reader into belief (this is especially true if the spokesperson is a celebrity). Here are some of my favorites:

  • Avocados and almonds are bad you!

Yes, if you eat a bucket’s worth! However, I am pretty sure an average amount is perfectly fine and healthy.

  • If you lift more than one pound of weight, you will bulk up!

Ah…well, I am not sure how you get off the toilet…

  • Indoor cycling will make you fat.

If you were eating a large pizza while doing so., then yes…

  • Little pulsing exercises will spot reduce by burning the fat of that area.

Well, try one side only for a week and check if there is a difference. If there is, then I stand to be corrected!

  • You can separate your upper and lower abdominals.

Hm…. with a scalpel that would be true!


As fitness professionals, it is our job to be truly educated about what we preach to our clients. We are in this business to our best to guide our clients in the right path of real training, real nutrition and what will help them. And if not we look for someone who can that is licensed such as a nutritionist or physical therapist

Unlike other professions that require licensure or a degree, our industry is an open platform without regulation and or credential requirements; If you want to fight against false media and educate your clients, I recommend obtaining a primary certification through an accredited program and to continue your education throughout your career.



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