Two Real Booty Busters in Time for Summer

With summer here everyone is looking for that beach body! I personally think that all you need to do to have a beach body is to take your body to the beach! Just remember to bring the sunscreen! But in all seriousness, today I am offering you two real booty busters in time for summer!

Right now, your social media feeds and tv commercials are advocating the “perfect” beach body exercise routine, specifically revolving around your booty. I challenge you to not believe the hype. Most of these are false promises, with claims of spot reduction accomplished by silly exercise techniques of endless pulsing and tucking of the hips.

Trust me, this does not work and will lead to back and knee issues!

Your body was meant to load and explode, so why not use this natural response? Utilize authentic movements like squatting and lunging in your pain-free zone to help you build a stronger booty. Also, remember that we all move differently; never compare how you squat to anyone else. Simply, go to the point that you feel your back-end engage.

For some real booty busters, try these two exercises:

1. Stand neutral. If you have a small ball, place it in between your thighs to align your knees. Extend your arms out in front of you, press your weight evenly distributed on your feet and flex your hips until you feel your glutes! Complete 10 repetitions counting to 4 as you lower and lift.

2. Take a staggered stance and repeat the exercise listed above but with the right foot slight behind the left and feel more of the right gluteus. Complete 10 slow repetitions on both sides.

The gluteus group is strong and powerful. However, by sitting all day, we compromise the effectiveness of this muscle group. So stand up several times a day and move the tissue as motion is lotion!

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