What is Applied Functional Movement

Education is the key to becoming a better fitness professional. You probably have an interest in how the body functions in three-dimensions in relation to space, time and gravity. Equally, you may be ready to take your training career to the next level! I am thrilled to announce the Applied Functional Movement educational training.

I began my journey in the fitness industry over 25 years ago. Throughout my career, I have sought education, obtained many certifications and earned a degree in health ecology from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). I know the importance of continuing education and appreciate that you have joined this program. I created this workshop to educated fitness professionals on the wrongs that I and others have experienced.

At the beginning of my career, information was not readily available at our fingertips, resulting in some inappropriate fitness and teaching habits. I trained incorrectly for years, and I did not listen to the warning signs of extreme overuse. I was a dedicated runner, who did not warm-up correctly and, consequently, I tore my meniscus. I also discovered that I had osteoarthritis and severe degeneration in my knees. It took the accumulations of these injuries to lead me to a greater path of learning and knowledge, which I formally received at the Gray Institute for Applied Functional Science in 2010. Through this education, my understanding of the human body grew dramatically, thanks to Gary Gray and Dr. Dave Tibiero, as well as their amazing contributions to the world of rehab and fitness.

It is truly fascinating what the body can achieve at optimal fitness and functional capability! A strong, healthy body is capable of performing great physical endeavors.

Today, most of our clients sit all day in a cubicle, car or elsewhere. It has been stated in many wellness circles that “sitting is the new cancer!” It compresses the spine and imbalances the rest of the body’s structure. This creates a world of dysfunction from back and neck pain to a sedentary life comprised of diabetes and obesity. We spend so much time in spinal flexion that the anterior muscles shorten, causing weakness, stiffness and the inability to move correctly.

Many workout programs are based on very intense training, searching for the “perfect body.” These programs do not consider the future negative consequences of damage and injury to the joints, tendons and ligaments due to improper posture, muscle imbalance, overuse, or age. Take a moment to look at the baby boomer generation; They are in need of hip and knee replacements because they did not listen or adhere to warning signs of overuse. Many of these injuries could be prevented, if they had trained correctly.

I am excited to bring my experience and method of training to you in this training. These ideas are based on studies from the Gray Institute and other institutions and were designed to enhance your fitness career.

I hope you find the material in the course to be relevant to all of your fitness endeavors. Please stay tuned for more information and the announcement of training dates.

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